Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a crazy morning! 

By lunch time we'd found out that surgery is now scheduled for next Monday or Wednesday, Chico had seen both an OT and a PT, and we'd talked about adapting our home for him  in preparation for whenever he is well enough to be there.  A new light shines in this room.

Now we are organizing for my departure.  I'll be able to work for a few days and get something done at home before coming back down for the surgery and the day after. 

Though the extended bedrest is unwelcome, we are very happy that the two teams of surgeons are working together for the most positive outcome possible.  We are comfortable with the plan even with its characteristic uncertainty. 

The insurance appraiser just called from the car.  He pronounced it a total loss. 
He wondered first if Chico was ok and second if he needed a rental car.

I just overheard Chico saying to the OT, "Yes, in fact my pain is being so well managed that I'm having to supplement it now [with the foot drop boot]."  I like the sunny side up on Chico.

Lots of stories to tell, people to convey, feelings to explore.  For now, it's more preparation and then a drive to Vermont.

Thanks for being here with us even as you sit, stand or lounge wherever you are.


  1. love. times forever.

  2. Despite the very early morning, it seems like it was a busy day. Decisions were made, an assortment of specialists visited or called, and there are more plans in place. Susan- safe travels to Vermont. Chico- thinking of you always.

  3. You are both superheros and we love you. An amazing light on the mountains tonight as the sun set. Thinking of you.

  4. Chico and Susan. In Moscow. greetings in particular from Ilya and Marina Grits who have been following your news with great concern. Ilya himself is facing a possible kidney transplant or rather first the question of whether it is possible and then a long waiting period. also greeting and love from Andrey and Karina.

  5. Hi Chico and Suse, maybe I can get a comment on this thing...thinking of you, watching over the neighborhood, and eagerly awaiting the time when I can cook a meal for BOTH of you (ie. when you get home, Chico.)

    Much love, Anne

  6. As I prepare to work today I engage in my weekly updates of Chico's recovery. It is peculiar how I am both comforted and distraught by the updates. Comforted in his progress and the upbeat nature of your narrative, yet distraught by the time healing takes and the energy you both must bestow each and every moment to actively engage in the process of positive healing.

    I send positive thoughts and healing energy to you each and every morning.

    Love, Sarah