Friday, September 17, 2010

Four Weeks in Bed

A new light is dawning in the room.  Chico can't tell yet but I can.  He is still in a lot of pain, nothing compared to yesterday though. 

Chico is pale but he is steely.  He's trying not to take pain meds (crazy), he is getting exercise advice, looking forward to seeing the doctors for a dressing change sometime, and looking forward to sitting in a chair.  For him, the exhausting morning exercise was lifting his right knee (the uninjured one), straightening it and putting it down.  He did some circles and 'point and flexes' with his right foot too.  This tuckered him out.  He feels a little overwhelmed by the notion that a small amount of movement takes all of his energy.  It's true, that is upsetting but the improvement from yesterday to is sharp. If this continues, he'll be back to chin ups in no time.  He is receiving a blood transfusion at the moment.

Fun things:  we have a playful nurse today.  She is very efficient.  She was our nurse yesterday too, and she was playful.  We may have been inpervious to it that time.  Chico has friends on staff that come by occasionally.  There is a lot of yelling in the halls becaues the floor is short staffed. 

You may know that when one is in the hospital with a lot of pain, staff continually ask what one's pain level is.  There is a 0-10 scale.  Chico's is high right how.  When asked he says it is,  "because my foot feels like it is bent into a rock crevice." 

I wonder if a pain poem will emerge. 

Things are good.  It is important to bear witness to this.  Thank you for doing that with us.


  1. Wow...progress, albeit painful but Chico is on the right track. I am so glad for both of you that this step is out of the way.

    Thinking healing, positive thoughts and wishing you both the very, very best.

    Much love,
    49 Mountain Street

  2. Just the title of this post, "Four Weeks in Bed", sounds very uncomfortable. I can only imagine how anxious both of you must be to have this episode behind you. In the meantime, I hope Chico wises up and takes the pain meds!
    Here's to a weekend of continued progress and reduced pain.

  3. Tell the cowboy that the Hayes Carll album should be there soon, if the address the hospital gave me was correct. It should be an irreverent Texan voice to help in the muscle building phase. That photo labeled "Here's the one I wanted to show yesterday" is fun!

  4. Wow! Rob wants to know if that stubble is what Chico's accrued in the past 4 weeks because if it was Rob, we wouldn't even be able to see his face! Chico, you look hot! Hang in there!

    Rob and Trina