Sunday, September 5, 2010


It's been a nice Sunday. Chico has slept a lot. To me this indicates a couple of things:
1. His pain is under control.
2. He is relaxed enough to sleep. This is a function of familiar nursing and care staffs. I think it is difficult when one is so vulnerable to rely on everyone else to be suitably careful even with evidence to indicate that they will be!
Phone calls are becoming possible and are sometimes even welcome!
Continued appreciation of support from here.


  1. chico, susan - just my daily check in prayer.
    i love you.

  2. Hi,

    I've been sending notes but checked and now don't see that any have appeared. This is a test, and to let you know you are in my heart and prayers.
    Lorraine Kisly

  3. Susan, as mc said above, this is my daily check in prayer. Thanks so much for your daily trouble. Chico, it's great to read signs of movement from you. Chey, Sam and I have enjoyed a good day with Darci in Des Moines. Theresa came with Amelie. Three daughters and three grandchildren in the same room made the whole holiday worthwhile. The world keeps spinning. Hang in there.

  4. Hi there, you two! Rob and I just got back from the Fair with Lynn - who sends her love - and some others. We saw Bill Cosby, who talked a lot about marriage and relationships. 46 years he's been with his wife. Think about that amount of time and how you will both look back at this challenge as just another memory among so many others. Right now each day likely feels like an eternity. You are so fortunate to have each other. Need any card game ideas? I know a ton! Missing you!
    Rob and Trina