Saturday, March 26, 2011


I took my first spin class since August this morning.  I have a lot to relearn: posture, pacing and placement, for starters.  There is stamina to build.

I think of the work Chico has done.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cop Spotting

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Vermont.  I had the great fortune of waking up on Lake Champlain after a retreat with my beloved book Group.  A bike ride in the chilly morning light was the beginning of a gorgeous day. 

Late that afternoon Chico and I went walking.  For one thing we needed to go to our neighbors Joan and John's house to drop off some food.  They live on the opposite corner of the block from us. 

As we got to their walkway a cop car was rounding the corner.  I couldn't see the driver and reasoned it was one of the town police men that Chico knows as the car reached us.  I went in and chatted for a minute and came back out to join Chico as the car was pulling away.  I waved and asked if it was the chief.  As I said this, I was leaning down to wave so the driver and I could see each other.  I saw it wasn't the chief as Chico said, "No, it's Ken."  "Is it the guy from the night?"  Ken had restopped his cruiser.  He waited for me to get to the car.  We recognized each other.  This was the man who came to our house the night of the accident.  What a difficult task.  He did it well, I remember asking him if it was the first time he'd ever had to deliver such bad news.  He'd said it was.  He was gentle and kind-both that night and when we saw him on Sunday. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two Firsts

Driving into Bristol today I saw the mountain has become brown.  Rock ledges are pushing through.  This mammoth snow winter begins to pass convincingly.

A long bike ride took me through oscilating temperatures and scents of the valley.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I went to a conference today about coteaching with a special educator from my new school.  It was exciting to think about this together, recognizing what is already in place and thinking about how to increase our inclusion practices.  Incrementally our work together takes shape.

Last night I dropped Chico off at a Planning Commission meeting.  We parked in the handicapped spot and he walked in without any crutches.  We went in the side entrance, Chico shooing me off with each step.  I've become a helicoptor partner.  I escorted him through the doors but remained out of sight. I heard the whoops and congratulations but he received them on his own.

From there I went to Shaws.  I ran into Todd.  That was a treat.  I'd not seen him to talk to since New Year's Eve.  As I got back in the car, thinking about not having mentioned to Todd Chico's big step forward, I remembered New Year's Eve.  It was Chico's second social outing since August 20th.  It was scary to go out then, each move poignant.  Getting in and out of the back seat painstaking, slow and painful.  These reflections are stirring. 

More action for Chico today.  He is jubilant.  Actually he's fried.  When I got home he was gleefully taking a bath.  He had had PT this afternoon.  He walked all the way down town and back with no crutches.  As he reported this to me he was giddy and then he was asleep.  He's up now, somewhat recovered and sore. 

He has plans to begin biking as soon as he gets a suitable bike.  I am nervous.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


We awake to the warmed Earth scents of water, mud and melting snow.  Moist air buffers the face.  High winds shake the trees.  Our windows thump like a sneaker laden dryer.  Water is running everywhere.  Lots of Earth sounds.  The shape, size and texture, even the color of snow is steadily changing. 

At the end of that day there was a rainbow more vivid than we'd ever seen.  Double.  It started on Basin Street and ended below The Ledges near our house.  We were in a parking lot down town.  Intrepid, One Crutch Chico made his way through the minimalist path from the back of one grocery store to another.

There are flurries in the air again this morning. 

Nature's drama.  Scintilating.

Our hearts go out to those in Japan who are suffering tremendously due to the devastating, mind spinning force of their latest Tsunami.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moving Forward

If you aren't in this weather, you must've heard about it.  It's dramatic and amazing. 
I flew back from a visit to Chester early on Sunday so that I would not get stuck in DC.  Apparently ours was the last flight allowed to land in Burlington.  Flying standby, got to fly home with my friends, Bonnie, her husband and sons.  (Remember Bonnie?  She picked us up in Albany and brought us home that first time.)  That was an coincidental treat of high appeal. It was a bumpy flight though. 

It turns out our nieces are cupcake conniseurs so we had a little tasting party.

Meanwhile back home a storm was brewing.  It seems Chico relished the time home alone to, well, be alone and independent.  Friends stopped by (thanks for the shoveling and granola, Kit) (Thanks for shoveling 48) and he reports having read and slept a lot. 

On Monday we had our first of two snow days this week. We got about two feet of snow on the ramp.  The drain work of last summer on our street may be great but it got plugged.   By  4:00 the snow had stopped but the street was flooded.  The outflow?  Our driveway.  I was napping.

Chico woke me up to marvel at the street river from upstairs windows.  Then we went out to shovel. 

Chico shoveled!  At first I insisted just the porch but he insisted the walkway too. These days his insistance usually overrides mine.

The man on the four wheeler plow just stopped by to help out.  I think he is my new best friend. 

Tuesday night he made dinner.  Tonight too.  Suddenly he feels more capable. Yesterday he called me at work from the store.  This is all new territory again. Also kind of back to normal.  Odd and contradictory like much of human existence.

New baby today.  Welcome Asher Akintoye Ajayi, who is Vanessa and Funto's son, Margaret and Mike's grandson.  Eva's nephew!  All are well and excited.  We're excited too.  The repeating initials are just a bonus.