Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Albany Med

I drove down after a great day at school yesterday.  So much good work is going on there.  I like being a part of it.

It was obviously the beginning of a new era in Chico's room.  Or maybe I'd missed the beginning.  Chico seemed mobile.  In spite of being confined to his bed and having a very sore left arm, he was eager to show off the chin ups  he can do on his red triangle.  He was optimistic about the surgery, looking beyond it.  His mood was solidly positive.  We talked about the future, the current challenges...Focus was the most dominant challenge last night.  He delighted in his mail (of all sorts).

Morning is more of a worry time.  This morning one of the two pins at the top of the ex fix was unscrewed and removed.  There are many more pins (5) still in his leg. Now Chico has to lie as still as possible and be careful.  This concerns him.  It is the dominant challenge of the day. What was once easy-lying still-is now a dastardly trial.    The pick line is still in and a lot of blood was just removed. 

Chico looked at his x-rays sometime last night after I left and before I returned from the hotel.  I sure don't have any interest in seeing them yet. Too frightenng.  Maybe after the surgeries.  Maybe after a decade or so.  We'll see.

We eagerly await tomorrow's attention.  Thanks for your help.


  1. You both look amazing! Have a good surgery.

  2. so good to see your smiling faces--thinking of you and sending loads of love! Dave and Pat