Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 27

Today has not been a Writing Day. It has been a tense and pain filled day. And you know, people kind of have to 'go it alone' with pain, once measures to alieviate it are being fully exercised. This first day is reputedly the most painful.

Chico dozes on and off. Right now he naps as he receives his second unit of blood. Next he will go to x-ray. The dread of pain seems always to be accompanied by the loathe of the thought of being a complainer. What a burden!

It was great for both of us to have Gordon here. Such gentle kindness.

This evening the doctors came in again-the third time today. They were encouraging and appreciative of the difficult work of healing. The main surgeon also mentioned that he too is still recovering from the procedures: his hands are sore. Chico expressed his gratitude well.

We remain deeply grateful and humbled. Thanks for keeping up with us; I apologize for the late post.


  1. chico paid a dream visit last night. he was dressed in a fine tweed suit. under his arm he carried 2 books of poetry and a box of poker chips. he had a small band aid on one temple. he stopped me on the street as i was walking the other way, cracked his knowing grin and with twinkling eyes said "what, you're not going to play? if i can you sure can."

  2. That pre-op pict is a cute one! Hopefully he will have that smile back in a few days. Rough times for all of you. Hang in there.
    Hugs to all. —Pam

  3. Lots of love and healing thoughts. Susan, I hope you're getting enough sleep? How about an online fundraiser to hire you a driver? Wishing Chico relief, stamina, and a steady and speedy recovery. xox Janie