Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 31

This day has dawned with more pain than is welcome or expected.  It's morning; we should not be surprised. 

I drove to Albany in the sunshine yesterday.  It was lovely.  Chico had called a few times thinking of details that needed to be taken care of.  From Fort Ann I called Chester.  He first said enthusiastically, "It has been a great weekend!"  He went on to remember some of the struggles of Saturday.  Chico and Chester did have a great time together: Scrabble, football and long talks. 

There are small signs of great progress everywhere.  Chico is brimming with good humor. He pulls his upper torso up while at the same time raising his right leg for point and flexes.  He is using pain medication much less.  He drinks from a cup without a straw. He's made a few phone calls.  Now he sleeps, exhausted from the early morning rush.  After only a moment he begins to read the paper. 

Chico has been able to move his left leg a little for the first time today.  He uses his inner thigh; it is a muscle unpierced by bone or surgery. 

Worries wait at the door.

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  1. Glad to hear Chico is able to center his strength for movement. I am expecting the Cohen CD will arrive today. It is a bit heavy maybe (but with brilliant saxaphone) until things are easier, but I'll leave that up to you. I am a bit sad to say the upbeat Hayes Carll CD is on some slow boat from California whose shipping projections shock me. Perhaps the desert is waiting for waves? Perhaps the company decided to try horses again? Anyway, it may not arrive before you ship yourself to a different room. I have also sent up silly/sentimental/small surprise that should arrive tomorrow. Chey and I send our best with that one. Her photographs have been very slow materializing except as very dark shadows of almost unrecognizeable form. The art is a bit beyond her still. I finally showed her your car pictures. She was horrified. Her sister Darci totalled a car last Thursday, so we were tending her this weekend, but Darci is just bruised, and at home and still able to nurse her baby. Lucky. Be careful out there.