Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Night


This day is a vast improvement over yesterday.  I think we were both exhausted by trying to keep each other's heads above water that last day before I left for Vermont.  Cripes, you'd think I'd have come out ahead, huh?  In spite of the thrill of the first day of school for me, I crashed as did Chico.  A reasonable night's sleep and the promise of great visitors and care for Chico helped us both greet this day from a stronger place. 

It was a day full of light, challenge and life at school.  I had so many interesting interactions with students.  It was 'a good one,' as my mother in law would have said.

Chico was able to talk briefly on the phone with me tonight and hopefully will rest well.  Each thing is such a huge effort for him.   Still he puts his best, brave self forward.  That is helpful to me.

I had the delight of two great visitors today.  One I was actually available for, and for the other I was MIA-deep in the witnessing of a math lesson...but for the grace of a favorable interview process, that could have been me reviewing how to construct and label rays.  Instead, I was able to observe a masterful teacher in that lesson.  Anyway, I loved having been visited, checked in on, comforted.  So heartwarming.  It was helpful to be advised that yes, Chico does need a companion and advocate with him right now.  Phew.  I guess that's my job.

Oh, another visitor at home!  As I was arriving on my porch, our mailman stopped by to check in with me/us.  Genuine compassion.  Heartfelt. 

My heart


his concern. 

Dinner with Pam, Reinhold, Edgar, Cedric.  Lucky me.

Less than 24 hours and I'll be back in Albany.  I wonder how Chico's presence will feel compared to ... I don't know, have I been away 72 hours? Too much to calculate at this moment. No!  Much less.  It seems like an eternity.

Thank you friends, family and concerned acquaintences, for your ongoing support.


  1. We're still praying here. Susan, I'll miss your posts when Chico is well! And Chico, I admire your good cheer and courage. Enjoy your reunion tomorrow!


  2. Scottie and Chico-
    Been thinking about you both a lot. Can't help but remember how supportive you were when Suzanne was sick. Let me know what I can do to help when you get back to VT.

  3. Susan and Chico,
    You are an inspiration with your spirit and your courage. I know you both will arrive on the other side of this well and whole. Isn't it wonderful the energy and strength and just plain holding-us-together feeling we get from each other! Thanks for your blog, Susan.
    Love to you both. Kathy

  4. One day at a time! You guys remain in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We are working up our way up the Hudson now and will pass close by Albany then "the tree" on Sunday. Tom and Carol

  5. Susan, So great to have you over for a wonderful wine packed evening ;) Hope it was as good for you as it was for us to reconnect.
    Chico, I have been thinking about you but never as much as this morning when the road crew was in FULL ACTION! Loud machines chugging and digging and fume and dust spewing. But one of the workers said they are going to pave next then you can come home :)
    Love, pam

  6. Hi Scottie,
    I was driving a truck and trailer, recently full of Mums, past the Monkton School and saw your car. I couldn't resist interrupting the school day to bother you at work. Alas, you were so busy working I couldn't interrupt. Who knew a Principal actually had duties?
    Many moments in every day I call you and Chico into my mind and heart. My attempt is to surround you with love, light and healing energy. My guess is the doctors and nurses are doing their part too.
    Anything you need. Anytime. Just let me know.

  7. Chico,

    we had the poetry workshop at Wayne's last night. Wayne and Fran send their regards. There were a couple of others new to the group that haven't met you. We had a nice session, lasting about 3 hours. We discussed 6 poems. The comments, as usual, varied, some useful, some missing the boat. This morning I'll look over my poem carefully and consider the criticisms made. When you're feeling up to it, I can send you a poem or two. Good luck with your recovery. Joe

  8. Susan - Sandy Raymond just sent me this link and I'm glad she did. I had no idea what you and your family was going through. I just stopped by your office the other day and dropped some flowers with a "happy first day of school" note for you. I had no idea you were going through so much! How insensitive of me! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you and your family. - Amy Cole

  9. Every time I think my day has been hard (and that was often these first days of school), I think can I turn it around into something positive like Susan would? Today I ran out of ideas, and went for Margaritas! Luckily I brought some folks with me and we toasted having the first week behind us! Hope you both can do the same!