Saturday, September 25, 2010


I forgot to mention that Chico had this idea, once he heard that he would be using a wheelchair, that he'd roll out of his room on the Orthopedic floor (C 5) and sneak up on the staff, surprising them with his mobility.  He didn't ever get the chance to do that there because he was whisked away in his very own bed.  The wheelchair was introduced the following day. 

This morning, after he'd been assisted in his pivot to the chair for a PT session he said to me, for the benefit of the attendant,
"This is so great.  Now we can make our big break!  Before they know it, we'll be in Tennessee!"  The young woman, Ariel, was steadfast, smiling cheerfully.  After a few beats she said,
"Good luck living without your pain meds."  Chico cracked up and admitted he hadn't thought of that.   He has fun with people here.  He makes an effort to. 

We went outside today.  Day 36 and we're sitting outside.  It was pretty great and quite a distance to get there. 

Chico was eager as he rolled before the modern Albany Medical College, the original building beside it dates 1837.

I couldn't believe his independence and fervor.  That 50's style building is also part of the college.

It was fun, our outing in the heat of Albany Beach.

Here's a clarification:  Chico doesn't walk.  Relative to what I've seen in the last five weeks, standing up on one leg and moving across the floor with a walker and a spotter is walking.  I'm told this is actually called hopping. 

No weight bearing for 3-4 months.  No driving.  I think that leaves a lot of options.

We're going to need a ramp.  I wonder what else.


  1. Susan:
    I have just read through the whole journey you and Chico have been on these past weeks. Wow. I am sure I will be more articulate after I absorb it all. Everything coming to my mind to share right now seems trite. I'll keep reading the posts and thinking of you guys.

  2. Aunt Toots is Beth Peloquin. I used the wrong Google account.

  3. Wonderful progress...and humor. Love it! We are thinking lots about you both; continued healing on all fronts.

    49 Mountain Street

  4. This is a wonderful, airy post. Sunshine all around. The wheels look powerful. Who invented them? Keep rolling.

  5. you both look so liberated being outside together.
    I must admit Chico seems like he might get really moving in that chair!!!

  6. Wow, I haven't checked the blog in a few days! Outside in the sun in the chair!.. you both look so great- amazing.

  7. That Ariel has his number!!! Love it!

  8. Great to see so much progress and such big smiles.