Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Distance Posting

Chico has had a rough day.  I think the situation is more difficult to endure without the distractions of a quiet person in the room (me or Chester) sharing the experience. Not good to be alone. We were forewarned, and it is no joke that the pain from the grafts is quite excruciating, as is the pain from the 'donor site' on his other leg.  This is all in addition to the pain of broken bones.  I find it unfathomable.

I am comforted by a number of thoughts:
1.  We have a fine friend who is a nurse and she will stay with him from noon tomorrow until Friday afternoon.  My gratitude knows no bounds.  
2.  I think my two sisters are visiting him tomorrow morning.  Visits are really too much for him at the moment generally speakign but my sister, Molly, who lives nearby and is herself a nurse, knows how to do the short, quiet visit perfectly.  She has been a huge comfort. 
3.  We are not only thankful for Chico's survival and the health of his spine and brain, we are also thankful that he did not hit anyone when he lost control of his car. 

When I drove home last night I passed the tree again.  My nemesis.  Even in the dark I can't miss it.  I'm angry at the tree.  Such a puny tree, really.  Sounds like I'm of sound mind, huh? 

It has been a full first day of school.  I had the great opportunity of spending time with many students in many settings, and observing  teachers doing their great work.  I met parents, talked with PTO and School Board representatives-just to give you a glimpse.  My colleagues support me.  The community extends their compassion.  I am thankful to have this job. Very.


  1. It must be very difficult for Chico to NOT have you there. I hope he is able to keep his spirits up as attitude is half the battle. I hope he is getting really good pain meds and that he can still laugh (as long as it doesn't hurt). It was so wonderful to see you on the curb at Monkton Central School today!

  2. It's the oddest thing about time. I stood tonight cooking Hatch New Mexico Chili on the grill, cherry smoke from our dead tree twirling into the edges of my hair and mosquitoes attacking. I was thinking of quantum mechanics and string theory. Eleven dimensions of time and still it is just a second which carries us through the day. But those seconds pass. Healing will continue.

  3. Hang in there, Chico! It's a long road ahead and every day probably feels like an eternity, but you and the tree met for a reason and survived for a reason. The fact that you are able to be frustrated, impatient and, yes, in unbelievable pain is a gift that many people with a little less luck will never experience. It's still a stupid tree, though, all pep talks aside. Rob and I miss you tons and think about you every day!

  4. Thinking of you Chico! I wish I could pop for a short, quiet visit. It's amazing to see and hear about the progress you've already made. There's a lot more to come; albeit slowly. Can't wait to visit with you in one of the next phases of your recovery to come.

  5. Hey Chico. As soon as I heard of your accident I had the recollection of your face appearing out of the haze when I was mending from a considerably less gruesome broken leg 30 years ago. Sweet and gentle and caring. I hope you can feel a lot of that coming back your way. Love to you and Susan from Jane and Jon in Maine.

  6. Chico, I just want you to know that I think of you everyday, often multiple times .. you are being carried in the thoughts and hearts of so many. I can feel you figuring out how to turn all of these obstacles and challenges into blessings, somehow. I am so impressed with your spirit, even though I know you must go through ups and downs . . some moments when it is hard to keep yourself positive. I am also reminded of what I have always known . . . you are married to an amazing woman! Life is full of blessings. May they all come together to help you through this difficult time.

  7. Chico - wishing you lots of strength during these painful days of recovery! Thinking of you my friend.

  8. Chico ,
    Mark and I are here thinking of you..with love and thinking of Susan starting her new job.. grateful for her contact with all of us through her wonderful writing.It seems like you found the right hospital..they are taking care of you and your friends are holding you high in their thoughts.