Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day 2

Wow! I the most delicious dinner of spinach and artichoke hummus. I have no idea where it came from but it was in our refrigerator in Bristol when I packed it up on Friday morning.  Thank you, anonymous donor.  Chico eats the hospital's food uncomplainingly.  Some of it is quite good.

Chico had a good day yesterday.  It began with rounds, of course.  The surgery was pushed back again-more time to heal.  The days bring unremitting pain, and Chico bears up.  It looks exhausting. 

Last night Chico was moved to a new room.  Who knew the room across the hall from the nurses' station is prime real estate?  It was needed by others so we moved two doors down.  It was a little unsettling at 7:30 PM but it did result in some writing-the first since the accident. I'll post the poem as soon as Chico is ready for that.


  1. Hang in there you guys. I'm sure you are both exhausted. We all think of you everyday and can't wait to have you both back in Bristol (and Monkton).
    With Love,
    Shawna & Bonita

  2. So glad you're done with Adam! Time to move on. It's great that there's more peace and quiet for writing and reading and whatever. All the best for a great day today!

  3. Speaking of poetry and hospitals. Check this out. Filmed at a large teaching hospital in Florida, Healing Words: Poetry & Medicine tells the stories of patients whose lives have been dramatically changed by the incorporation of poetry into their recovery. The film follows Dr. John Graham-Pole and poet John Fox as they enter hospital rooms and help patients write poems as part of the healing process. Link: process.http://www.pbs.org/healingwords/.