Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Night

Chico has a lot of mobility in his leg compared to one week ago. I used to be afraid to touch it. While it remains fragile and tender, putting the brace on has become easier. With it on he will swing the leg off the bed using his hands to lift the leg. Once today he lifted it off the pillows on his bed and high into the air! Quite an accomplishment. There is a photo but I am unable to post it at the moment.

Chico hopped 50 feet in therapy today. A record. He remains an inspiration.


  1. The progress since surgery is pretty spectacular and it is GREAT to see you guys outside. I can image how that must have felt.

    I like the poem a lot. More please!

  2. So please to read about the continued progress Chico is making - amazing. Keep up the good work.

    Thinking about you.
    - 49 Mountain Street.

  3. Great news to hear of all the progress. What a long haul. Way to go Chico! You are truly an inspiration. Looking forward to having you back home. Mary Barnett