Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chico is in Recovery

The surgery lasted 5 hours and about 10 minutes.  The resident that Chico has been seeing every day at 5 AM (our hero) came out beaming but was reserved in his appraisal. As was the surgeon in charge who said, "The surgery went as well as could be expected."  The were able to stick to small incisions, they rodded the femur, plated the tibia, pinned two toes and put a screw in a third.  This amounts to four pretty major surgeries at once, I was told.  I feel confident that they did their best.  I feel confident that their best is a model of expertise.

Infection will be a worry for a long time.  Months.

Hopefully in a few days Chico can recommence chin-ups.
My brother, Gordon, arrives tonight for a support sleepover, and Chester will arrive on Friday. 

We are moving forward.


  1. Thank you so much for the updates today. Happy to hear all went well.
    Bonnie and Stu

  2. Wow...they did a lot; great...I am glad they filled you in on the details. Hang in there and squeeze Chico's hand soon.

    Hang in there, say 'Hi' to Gordon from all of is.

    - 49 Mountain Street.

  3. Great that the surgery is over. Hopefully it will turn out well and Chico's leg can begin to heal so he can return to using it. Our best wishes to the two of you. Joe & Jill

  4. Holy Moly. So much went on in that appendage today! "As well as could be expected" is good news. Here's to continued progress and success. Kelly

  5. So many different beginnings. It sounds like you'll be ringing alarms in the metal detectors. Now you really are a man of steel. What a great relief to be on the other side of the first long wait. Sweet dreams to both of you.

  6. how about those Twins!?

  7. Yeah, progress. good news that the surgery went smoothly. Susan, there is much that Chico can be proactive about regarding infection. I am happy to share this info with you, let me know when you will be in Bristol and have time to talk.

  8. So much has happened since I read your last post. Wow.. surgery done! And it seems it went well.Love you both and the sweet picture of Chico with the grin.