Saturday, September 18, 2010


'Twas a bumpy road kind of morning.  I left Chester sleeping and headed over to Chico.  He looked great in his sleep!  It felt sunny and breezy in the room. He was relieved to see me in the barko when he awoke.  Coming from such a restorative dream, he was unsettled by the sheets of pain that greeted him in his conscious life.  He is not allowed to move, still, until his 30 inch knee stablizer arrrives.  We wish it would hurry up.

The morning went on like that: off kilter.  My sister and niece dropped in, strong and kind.  Chester was in and out: steady, loving, brave.  Eventually, after noon, I left.  Conscious of our growing co dependence and our more typical independence, we agreed that I'd stick with the plan which was to take advantage of Chester's presence to come home, check in with the cat, the house, the neighbors so dear and good to us, do some chores and head back down to help get Chico settled in rehab.  Hopefully this will happen Monday.  More, likely it will happen Tuesday.  When I can be back at work full time we will both know we have made some serious progress.  We are eager for that.

Pamela celebrates her 60th birthday tonight.  Rooms full of beautiful, loving people.  Meanwhile, I hope life is peaceful and intimate in room 505. 


  1. You two are marvels. I am so impressed with your good humored stamina. Glad to hear the surgery went well, and hope that knee stablizer comes quickly. Michael joins me in sending love

  2. Amazing all this technology - of medicine, of communication. Each morning I find my way to my Google home page where your most recent Blog entry awaits. It has pre-empted the NYT as first read of the day.
    Reading your accounts, following each step
    in the process of healing is a real "You Are There" experience. Just want you to know that we blog participants are "there" too. Continued wishes for for a smooth and fast recovery. Roger

  3. Hi Chico and Susan,

    A very big and warm hug from London. Think about you all every day, wishing a complete recovery.


  4. Susan, Thank you for keeping us so well informed! Chico, I know the day I awoke with a metal plate in my wrist was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. Hurting to the bone...I can't imagine all of your surgeries in one day! Holy cow! The Bisbees are all rooting for you!

  5. Susan, I don't even know what to say. Your blog is both beautiful and heart-breaking. I adore you and am so awestruck at your ability to find the poetic in the pain. All of my best wishes to you both. Continue to be strong. Let us know if there is anything at all that we can do. I wish Chico hours without pain. A hug for you.

  6. Scottie, I have been checking the blog everyday but for some reason , I guess because I bookmarked it, it never went past your September 1 post. I said something at Womensing about how long it had been since you had written, and everyone said "oh no, she posts everyday, you just have to refresh!" . .. whatever that means. I have not been able to figure out refreshing, but I did go completely out and come back in and there are all your recent posts. Please know that I think of you everyday. May you have the energy to keep up this crazy pace, and the serenity to keep having enough to give Chico while taking care of yourself. Tell Chico that his recovery is in my thoughts every morning. Love, Mary