Friday, September 3, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Back at Albany Med that is.  We just read all of your comments. It is humbling to be so cared for. Thank you.

Chico has had a complicated day. The great news is that the skin grafts are taking.  Apparently they look good and the wound vacs are gone.  That is huge step in the right direction. The donor site is enormous, brown and drying out.

I checked in with The Tree on my way down.  I'm not too sure what's going on with me and this tree.  But it is sort of interesting. Must have been about the same time of day exactly two weeks post crash. The leaves are browning, the scrapes seemed a little bigger. I walked around it in the tall, tamped down grass still strewn with fragments of the car: disks, ceramic parts, hoses, and rescue worker stuff.  Not a lot; it is cleaned up pretty much.  The grass was pillowy.  Being there is odd. It is silent and beautiful or very loud as steady, intent traffic of all sorts speeds by.  Not that fast-its a two lane highway- speed limit 50 or so.

I thought I'd take a video of that busy road for the blog. Thought it would be a zesty addition and a good learning experience.  Sadly, I misunderstood the camera and didn't get the stream I wanted. Meanwhile a man stopped, backed up and started asking me if I was ok. I was but The Tree! The Semi's!  Please!  Just a moment...I had a little trouble explaining what I was doing. I must have mumbled something about a head on.  He asked if it was my father that had hit that treee.  Immediately I mistake him for a third rescue worker as he tells me the guy lost his leg, didn't he?  Actually, husband, leg still connected, thanks.  (That silly reporter!- sixties, sheesh!)  Hastily this kind man added that he had indeed been on the scene after 'he was gone' sifting through the debris because he works for the DMV.  Huh.  I'm just sifting through looking for the wallet and a reason each time.  I mean I guess that's what I'm doing.  I think he told me, (his name was Gary, by the look of him),  Gary said that it's a crazy road and there are 55,000 cars driving through there PER WEEK!  Not too surprising to those of us living in Vermont and having a yen for the greater NYC area...Or Lake George, or the races.

At last (eight minutes) it was time to move on.  To avoid Queensbury I went back through Kingsbury (car wreckage) and stopped for gas at Stewarts.  There was a TV on with live footage of a huge wreck on 87 near Queensbury.  UGH.  Selfishly I looked away and got in my car eager to get to Chico.  I really didn't want to know.  The car was in that big grassy, treeless median.  Treeless.  I hope those people are fine.   It can happen.

Chico's leg is less swollen and still very injured looking.  Our fine friend stayed with him until I got there providing great support.  It will be interesting to hear what the doctors say about the x rays that were taken today.  Having a roomate is challenging. Chico was able to hear all the blog comments, listen to some great music on his computer, try to scan email and get sleepy.  Things that were once so simple are so taxing.

It's good to be back.


  1. Well you and that tree are quite the duo! Be careful out there—we don't need you to be one of Chico's hospital roommates!

    Things are quiet in the hood today. Anne and David are back from the Poconos, ran into Melissa and we chatted abt you guys, the Paradees boys and Edgar has been firing off some kind of projectiles in the yard all day and last I knew Tucker was mowing our lawn because he wants to. Apparently 'will mow for gummy worms'.
    I hosed some of the dirt off my plants and am eagerly waiting for the pavers!!

    So glad the grafts are taking!! Sorry about having a roommate. Hope he is isn't a snorer! its always something eh? I hope you Susan remembered your present from Edgar :)

    lots of good thoughts and love from the 'hood.

  2. Dear Chico, I just heard from Joe about your accident and signed up to follow this blog. I've been sort of out of touch. But I will go back and read the whole history of this terrible event from the beginning. But in the meantime I'll give you some news--better sometimes than commiseration. Lee and I and whole family are in Albuquerque. Our goddaughter is getting married, the daughter of Steve of "The Hospice Poems." I am honored to be giving her away. Our children and grandchildren are here, and I've spent much time with my two sons who were in that terrible fire in 1981. I've been watching them and feeling proud. From that occasion I know at least as a witness the turmoil of your heart and mind, yours and Susan's. Lee and I send our love to you both and to all the good people who seem to be gathering around. Love y abrazos, Bobby

  3. Hi Chico, I wanted you to know you have been missed at the gym. Perhaps all of the running and weightlifting has given you a little extra strength to help cope with this ordeal. This morning nobody wanted to talk with me about shorting 20 yr treasury bonds and I couldn't find anyone else interested in Chinese detective novels. I have been following your progress here and wish you a speedy recovery. Best Wishes, Andrew