Saturday, October 2, 2010


 In Albany yesterday some schools were closed due to flooded streets.  In Vermont yesterday roads were closed due to flooded rivers and fields. It was a wild and slow drive down.

It has been a nice day.  Chico had a very difficult week with new infections, antibiotics but no pic line, missed PT and more days without family than usual.  Tricky.  My brother, Gordon, visited today. The sun shown.  Chico was limited by fatigue and paraphenalia so we postponed our outdoor plans until tomorow morning.

We have begun preparations for home in earnest.  Our case manager is working on agency preparations there, ordering equipment and so on.  The physical therapists are setting guidelines.  Our heroic friends at home are designing a ramp and will be sure to 'get her done' before Saturday.  It is both difficult for Chico to wait any longer and impossible for him to imagine getting there or being there. 

We're planning a breakfast of waffles with maple syrup and maple yogurt for Sunday morning. 


  1. I have been listening to peter gabriel's album called Scratch My Back. It's a big hearted album to back up this melancholy change of weather here in Iowa. It's been one beautiful day after another. I wish you building strength for your preparations. Many folks are wishing you great things. We watched Chey play basketball on the team she's wanted to play on for 2 years now. She looked happy. Really happy. The world is big. Take care. Tista

  2. Hoping that you guys will be able to get out some today. Though it is a bit chilly now, the day is supposed to turn into a beautiful fall day. - Thinking about you both, and wishing for a much easier week ahead.

    49 Mountain Street.