Tuesday, October 5, 2010


See what I mean?  We have really wonderful friends who also have really wonderful friends who are building us a ramp.  Thrilling to have that partially done and to enjoy the attendant visits from the friends.  I feel surrounded. 

The designer called at 6:45 AM to tell me the wood was about to arrive.  I'd forgotten what building projects are like.  YIKES.  I was in my pajamas still and actually should have been on my way to work.  From the upstairs bathroom window, I could see someone was parked in the driveway.  The wood guy.  I gotta get ready, man!  Are you going to knock on the door now?  Well, I need to be grateful.  I got dressed.  Wait a minute, Billy has a white car.  I look out...That's Billy.  I should rush out and see him.  Oh yay!  Billy to the rescue too!  Wait, he's waiting in the car so I can get ready for work.   Smart man!  Oh yikes, I'm in a frenzy.  No wonder my hairbrush is (still) in the fridge and I can't find the new microwave.

By the time I was ready to walk out, Billy was sitting on the stoop.  We had a little visit-really nothing in the way of hospitality-and I headed off.  When I got home, you can see what had been done!  Joy and jubilation!  It is amazing the many ways people can show deep and heartfelt caring.  Even love. 

 Chico was thrilled by these photos. "Much better than I imagined!"  Yeah, no real treat in imagining oneself having to enter one's home in a wheelchair.  But when you see it's your good old home, with a manageable ramp designed and built by talented men, hey!  It all looks a great deal sweeter.  I think Chico is beginning, beginning to be able to imagine he'll be home soon. 

Meanwhile my friend, the social worker in Albany, and I are striking up quite a bond.  She's been great to us from the moment we met her a week and a half ago - candid and available.  After the team meeting today, Chico is still scheduled for a Saturday discharge.  There are some things that could get in the way but she is planning to have all the apparatus I'd need to get him home delivered to our house on Thursday so we can drive down Friday and drive back on Saturday.  We are eager and hopeful.


  1. Hey Suse and Chico - the neighborhood eagerly awaits the great homecoming - the ramp looks GREAT - and we are so excited (and damned impressed) about continued recovery...at HOME! Love, Annie and David

  2. Yay! This is great. The big day is nearing so very quickly (not quite as fast for Chico, I bet.) - Keep up the good (and hard) work.

    Drop a line if you need anything in the interim.

    Much love,
    49 Mountain Street

  3. so close to discharge time!
    Hearing the gratitude is amazing and wonderful. Thank you for sharing the stories of the progress and efforts.
    Love, su

  4. So exciting! I'm anticipating the ramp being incorporated into some Halloween event...a gangplank involving Chico hobbling about with a parrot on his shoulder. I think he can channel a little Johnny Depp.

  5. In the winter can we use the ramp as a toboggan run? Put some skis on the wheelchair and it will be a quick ride down. So glad that Chico will be back in Vermont soon!! Love to you both, Lynn

  6. Chico and Susan, Jill and I have been in New York City for a week, out of touch (no laptop). Just got home yesterday, and it's good to see that Chico has mobility and will have access in and out of home when he's moved there (thanks to the ramp). Being home should be a great boost, nice as the hospital people seem to have been--your own books, CD's, familiar vistas to write poems from, etc. I hope it's an easy transition. Joe