Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Night

Well, we're settling in to this new routine.  I'm in our own version of the barka lounger, Chico's in Chester's bed which I moved downstairs and into the living room last week.  He reads the paper, he rattles around, I write and I read.  We are trying to eat our evening measl earlier than we ever normally do so that we can get ready, get set and get to sleep so I can get out early in the morning.  It does seem unkind to get Chico up at 5 or 5:30 so that I can be sure he is bathed and breakfasted before I leave.  Or is it unkind to leave him to do all this stuff alone?  These are the kinds of things we are working out. 

The easy thing about the hospital was that Chico was only responsible for getting better, monitoring his body and his care, and speaking up, at least to me, if there was a concern or something seemed off.  I was only responsible for being comforting and vigilante and kind.  Other people took care of meals, meds, cleaning and trouble shooting-calling in specialists, perscriptions,  managing our worries, and administration of all of this.  This home business is much more personally complex in terms of who does what and when.  It is nice to live without that edge of anxiety we had in the hospital about everything. It is nice to be in our home, both at once, and to know that we are moving through this crisis.  Thanks for your help on all of this.

Last night we had tofu pot pie.  That was yummy.  Tonight we had ziti.  That was great too.  Thanks for the food, friends.  Tomorrow night it's Mexican lasagna. 

Evening crashed upon us unexpectedly yesterday. 3:00 to 6 PM is a tricky time of day.  Fatigue and pain often join together in distortion of all things positive.  I was also a bit of a wreck having worked a full day and worried about Chico at home but having been unable to get home until after 6:00.  We ate, relaxed and regained some perspective. Chico said, "I want something different."  Dessert?  Bedding?  Pillow arrangement? Ramp?  Room set up?  I had no clue.  He started naming books he'd like to look at.  Chico has a large and varied book collection but most of it is upstairs and inaccessible to him without help.  I don't know his collection well so he has to be pretty specific about where books are when I go off seeking one.  This is really fun; in persuing the requested book I find all kinds of other interesting titles.  I didn't know he has Bhagavad Gita!  The Concise Ramayana was another request.  He'd been listening to Indian music on and off all day.  He then enhanced his thinking and feeling through the reading.  These studies distract him from the leg.  He's back at Ramayana.

I do want to mention Addison County Home Health and Hospice: they have been great!  So far Chico has had five nursing visits and a PT visit. Since we've only been home-this is the third full day, you can tell that things are not exactly uncomplicated but we do feel well attended.  It is a blessing to live in this community, that is certain.

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  1. how long is the concise ramayana?
    do you know the william buck version
    --that pretty much for me IS the ramayana.
    I like to think though that those books are
    like don quixote , stories before they are
    books...the reality is other than the
    imperfect text etc