Saturday, October 9, 2010

We're home!

And it's really busy and great.  I'll write more later but for now here are some great photos of the warm welcome we recieved.  John was also here to oversee the first use of the ramp.  It worked GREAT. Pamela came by.  And there were presents, cards and treats accompanying the adornments on the ramp.  Thank you, everyone.  Things are going well, and it seems like drop ins might be fine (see photos).  I'll keep you posted.   The house is already warmer and cozier with Chico in it.

Grocery prices have really climbed in the last 50 days.  When did butter start selling for $4.99 a pound?  I got a cake to bake.


  1. Welcome home, Chico and chapter closed and a new one beginning. Rest and don't be afraid to ask for help, privacy, visitors, meals, etc. Every little bit helps, but don't let it consume you!


    Robin Vaughan

  2. A place you can establish a system of support is This can be where visitations would be welcomed, meals helpful, etc.

    Be well.

    Robin Vaughan

  3. Thinking bout you both.
    with love and gratitude.
    What a beautiful day!