Thursday, October 21, 2010

Off to Albany


We are being driven to Albany by our friend Mark today.  Hopefully the toe pins will be removed. 

Also, to anyone who has callled me on my cell I am issuing one BIG FAT APOLOGY.  I thought I had it mastered but apparently not.  I found 26 hidden voicemail messages this morning dating back as far as 10/2.  I hate my own incompetence.  Anyway, if you were waiting to hear back from me...or if you referred to a message you left (Bonnie, John) and I looked blankly at you, now we know why.  It wasn't just that I can't seem to remember anything.  Anyway, I think I've figured this out now.  I was wondering why everyone had cut me off. 

OOPS!  Chico just found 14 on his phone too.  I wonder how we lost the thread of our voicemails. 

This has been a pleasant (can you believe it???) respite from the trepidation looming regarding our fast approaching day trip.


  1. Wow...I thought I was the worst with voice messages! (ask Edgar and Reinhold) Thanks for making me look good! Hope all goes well today and the drive isn't too difficult for Chico. Pins out!
    xo, p

  2. Bye Bye Pins . . . Hello Hello Toes!!!

    Two "Dancing Partners" look forward to visiting you!!!

    Kissy Kissy Kissy!!!

    - Kpw

  3. Hoping that everything went smoothly today and that the pins are now a thing of the past. What a strange 'homecoming' it must have been for you two today!

    Thinking about you!

    Much love,
    49 Mountain Street.

  4. Sometimes it's okay to loathe technology, eh? Glad to hear the trip was a success.