Friday, October 22, 2010

Home, Day 14

We had an uneventful trip to Albany.  By that I mean that the pins were not removed.  Two more weeks.  I think there was a misunderstanding.  Chico thinks the doc saw something in the x-rays.  The toes were not only broken in the crash, they were dislocated.  It was the reservation of the relocation that the doctor attributed the additional time to. 

Dr. Hospodar was obviously pleased with Chico's progress.  He said the x-rays look great.  He replaced the knee immobilizer with a "0 to 90" brace which means Chico can bend his knee now. It bends with pain and difficulty.  Both Chico and the doctor were beaming yesterday.  We were in and out of the "Medical Arts Center" in an hour.

The trip down and back was great.  Our friend, Mark, drove us in his very comfy van.  Mark is an excellent conversationalist, which contributed to the ease of the trip.

My brother, Edgar, awaited us at home with oodles of fresh garlic, shrimp scampi and good cheer. He's a great cook and an excellent host-even in our home.  It was a sweet evening.  He left before we were up. 

I hope you all are well.  Thanks for keeping up with us.

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  1. What a beautiful smile.
    Thanks, as usual, for the updates, Susan.