Friday, October 8, 2010

Last Night at Albany Med

Chico is very excited about leaving tomorrow, on his fiftieth day here, as you can see.  We have been told more than once that the drive to Bristol will take a toll on Chico. Even as he anticipates that, he is very excited by the thought of being at home.  You'd never know from this photo that his leg and foot are all smashed up, would you?  At home he will need a lot of rest.  He will also have some nursing care and PT in our home.  I've made what preparations I could think of at home, with the help and advice of generous friends.  We've lifted all the floor coverings, tried to widen all passageways, moved a lot of furniture to the barn, removed doors and such.  We'll see once he's home how it all works out and what needs to be adjusted.

Many of you have expressed happiness about Chico's discharge and an eagerness to see him.  While I appreciate all of the concern and generous offers of help, drop ins won't be helpful right away.  I am eager to develop a schedule of visitors though so that Chico will not spend days alone either.  Thanks for your cooperation on this.  Please doemail me and let me know what works for you if you want to see Chico in Bristol. We have been advised by other people convalescing as well as health care workers that this is the way to go.

Bonnie and I enjoyed a beautiful ride down.  The foliage was spectacular as the sun shown brightly.  There was a lot of traffic.  We are hoping for another scenic day in the Luxury Liner tomorrow!  It will certainly be an emotional ride. 


  1. Wow - welcome back Chico! What a milestone for both of you.

    -49 Mountain Street

  2. Happy trails! I do regret not keeping track of all the odd letter combinations I had to type in to post on your wall during these days of hospital visit. Things like flambit, wooken, whiplat. It would have made a nice language of good luck.

  3. Welcome home!
    Home home home.
    thinking so much about you both.
    and digging in to the next part.
    love, su