Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pernicious Nids

Whiile initially the transition was terrific we have come upon a setback.  Chico's UTI persists or recurs.  He has already had two rounds of heavy hitting antibiotics delivered intravenously while we were in the hospital.  Doctors were confident on Saturday that the infection had been taken care of.  The revelation of a positive result on the culture yesterday was just short of devastating. 

We are rebounding.  We have spent the last 36 hours weighing options.  There are somewhat conflicting reports on the best course of action.  At this point Chico is scheduled to go to Fletcher Allen in Burlington on Monday morning to have a pic line put in.  A pic line allows a person to have IV's put in over a long period of time.  It has a risk of infection in its own right but IV antibiotics may be what Chico needs to beat this infection.  (On the other hand, they haven't worked yet.)  We then plan to come home and have Home Health Care support Chico's IV regimen with Chico and I administering the antibiotic as well.  Chico is quite adament about staying out of the hosiptal.  Since the bacteria he has is hospital born, we have a strong and shared inclination to avoid another hospitalization. 

People near and far continue to be incredibly supportive.  Chico is having a little trouble getting any down time in his day...We are all adjusting.   Thank you for your continued interest, comforting words and kind gestures.  It all helps. 

Vermont outside our living room window is ablaze with color.  It is gorgeous.  I am thankful that Chico isn't missing it.

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  1. heard from michael allison about renewed infection
    I have nothing to say besides expressing caring
    but perhaps one thing is that almost any medical
    thing I have ever had at all larger or small has had setbacks ,and one thinks back to square one? but it isnt. with this also trust that as it seems to me wisest and good course is conservative
    not rushing back to hospital etc ...
    and envy your autumn ours is not shaping up so well too much water and wind maybe colors seem
    drabber than last year