Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home, Day 21, Very Special

Time seems to travel faster here.  Sometimes I think to blog but often the news is banal, within the context: toes wiggle more; leg bends; foot is allowed to touch the floor without weight; can stand for longer periods of time; a stool is sometimes useful...and so on.  We are toddlers struggling to assert ourselves in ways that will be helpful to one and other.  Shooting the rapids.  No more sitting in the barka without a care in the world, other than the intense gratitude and focus on healing and comfort. 

Anyway, today was a new day.  Our friend, David called last week to inquire of me whether it would be ok to ask Chico if he would like to have a visit from Drupon Thinley Ningpo who is a Tibetan Lama.  This lama would be teaching in Bristol on October 29-31.  Chico loved the idea and set his mark on attending the Friday sessions: Illusory Body Yoga Teachings.

He anticipated three major things this week: a hospital visit in Burlington on Thursday, the teachings of Friday and a lunch with the lama today.  The highlight of the visit to Burlington was time with Deb and no serious news.  Friday's delight was first getting into a building that was not handicapped accessible (it's a whole new world) with assistance and skill and second, the teachings themselves. Helpful.  Last night Chico was so peaceful and delighted.  It was very fun to see. We were also delighted last night by a great visit with John and a yummy dinner. Today, Chico actually made lunch for Drupon Thinley Ningpo, his translator, driver and me.  It was difficult to watch, easy to support the meal making and delicious to eat.  Chester called from Chicago during this time, "Wow, what an interesting day you are having," as I stood in the rain looking at bare trees from the porch I had to agree.  After lunch we received some teachings at the kitchen table.  Then we spent some time hanging out in the living room.  We felt full.

As the lunch friends left, Pamela was walking by.  We beckoned her in even though she was eager to get home to see Miss Sophie.  Next news, Bud is at the door with a new illustrated chapbook.  FUN.  He also brought treats and good humor.  At the next knock we found Chris with a pie and a family.  It was great to have them all here.  The house swelled.  The interactions were lovely all around.  Rich, rich, rich. 

One last thing, Diane, a home health care nurse, came by and took out the picc line.  Dr.s' orders.  Really, all of them.  Hopefully the infection is gone though we won't test for two weeks.  Forty - two centimeters of very fine tubing were removed.  The nurse looked familiar.  She'd cared for my mother at home too.  They talked about horses.  We talked about our parents today, our childhoods, and the good fortune that found us there in our horsey pasts.  I like talking with people that knew my parents and visited the place where I grew up.

We have had many incredible meals cooked for us this week.  More muffins too.  And soups.  Thank you, fine people.


  1. Chico looked great tonight! It was wonderful to see his smile!

  2. Chico - you are the Phoenix. So great to see so much progress and all the wonderful people in your life. This link is to a TED talk that similarly inspires: