Monday, October 18, 2010

The Picc is in!

We had a long but good day at the hospital today.  It was an intersting character study.  Fletcher Allen has some beautiful art work up and beautiful views - just to mention a few contrasts.  Chico didn't sleep much last night but he bore up well.  The drive in the Prius was  not exactly comfortable but it was efficient!  There was a really great valet guy there to help us disembark and reembark even though I did the parking.  Otherwise, things were pretty uneventful.  Well, not entirely uneventful; I saw a handful of people I know to varying degrees including a new and dear friend who had a heart attack last week.  She was looking fantastic. 

One commenter suggested I use the site, 'Lotsa Helping Hands' to coordinate help for us.  Thanks for the suggestion.  At the same time people keep asking who is coordinating meals.  Since I don't have email addresses of everyone that has asked or offered, I've just set joined a site that will help us coordinate meals.  I have put dates for three meals a week from now through January.  (That's when Chico will hopefully begin to bear weight.)  If that doesn't work for you and you want to make us a meal, feel free-at least you'll know the context into which you are delivering food.  We won't turn food down, and having it here has been a huge, huge help.  Thank you to those who have delivered.  Also, don't feel obligated, there is something very homey about cooking for oneself, right?  It's just a time problem at the moment.  There is a lot to do.  Here's the site:

Thank you for your support.

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  1. I was wondering how everything went yesterday! I have a mac n cheese with tomatoes to drop off. You can stick it in the freezer if you have too much food. Thinking of you guys!
    XO, p