Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Some post Halloween treats for us last night...It was unusual for me to lounge around and read when Chico got up, used his walker to get to the bathroom, use it and brush his teeth.  He was able to roll around in his wheelchair helping as I washed dishes too.  He could put away recycling, reach for things he's not been able to reach for thus far and so on.  More energy, increased mobility.

This morning as I began cruising around downstairs I hear 'Look!  Look!'  He was lying on his stomach!  I'd never seen it before (in this era).  I think he has only done it once before.  Exciting.  Still not much sleep for him.  I am startled by how thrilling this is.  I had to 'edit post' just to convey that.

Apparently he stood erect on two legs yesterday with weight only on one (as per doctor's orders until January) during PT.  He has an awesome therapist.

Hey, don't forget to vote today.  If we could only heal the system as determinedly as Chico has dealt with his.

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