Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visible Progress


  1. Thank you for helping us keep up with Chico's recovery - and I am glad that the situation is better than it seemed originally. Please let Chico know that he is in my prayers and that of many friends, of course. God keep you all confident and full of hope. Lord, have mercy.
    Fr John Bostwick

  2. Oh Susan, I was sad to hear of Chico's accident. Please give him my love and tell him that is is in all our thoughts and that we are so thankful that he will be OK. Lots of love to you and Chester too, XXXOOO Carolyn

  3. Hi Scottie
    Tell Chico, a beautiful baby was born today to a 5 year old sister who has an awful lot of love and fun to offer. He can guess the rest. You know the routine, sex, length, weight.
    And you and Chico have been born in another way. You have an awful lot of people who are full of love for you both. My love to you both.... Sister