Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Night

Thank you to all who have already emailed with inquiries and such.  The surgery did go well. The people here are amazing.  AMAZING.  So kind and so skilled.  The wounds are all closed up and sealed.  There is a new bare patch on the the unbroken leg.  Unfathomable to me, except that it is right in front of me.  All of this is very painful.  The surgery has changed the way Chico's Left Foot feels.  That is welcome.  Until now it has often felt like it is still stuck in the car.  Unpleasant.  Chico is bearing up well.  He smiles.  He converses, he is interesting.  That can be challenging, I think, given that he could, if he wanted to, describe each place of pain in detail and it would probably take all day.  Maybe all night too.

Chico told me tonight that he awoke from surgery in a dream about Robert Duncan.  He was encouraged by what Duncan and two other poets said. They told him that when he is focused on poetry the pain would not be a distraction.  That will be the perfect pain medicine for Chico. 

I'll post some photos tomorrow.  The smile, the face, the leg. 

We got word today that someone has worked in our garden?  Mown our lawn?? Taken out the garbage-all the way to the dump???? Yikes, so much work when each of you has your own work. I'm embarrassed and thrilled. Humbled.  Thank you.  Maggots begone!  (garage garbage possibility)

Never doubt the difference you make in our lives by making a little contact.  It is huge.  Thank you.

Sorry if every sentence was a cliche tonight.  It seemed so to me.


  1. To quote Gilbert and Sullivan:

    Hail, Poetry, thou heaven-born maid!
    Thou gildest e'en the pirate's trade:
    Hail, flowing fount of sentiment!
    All hail, Divine Emollient!

    Sweet Dreams, Chico and Susan!

  2. With all the reading Chico has done, his dreams must be like Da Vinci inventions. I smile at the thought of his conversations. Cheyenne sends wishes for fast healing. She is taking a photography course and talking about real film she can hold. We will send samples when she develops her first ones. I hear the sun remains strong. Your journey is never far from my thoughts. Have a great day.