Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today's Look

I'm headed off to retrieve 'personal effects' from the wrecked car.  Chico looks well, don't you think?

Day 6


  1. Hi, Chico.

    John Elder here, using my wife Rita's Google account since I'm not really update on the blogosphere. Just wanted to say we're all thinking of you now, and so pleased that your recovery's going well. I've already learned a lot from you on the Planning Commission and am looking forward to more chances to be together in that context and others.

    Please give yourself the time to recover at your own rate, and know that your many friends and colleagues in Bristol sending you the warmest wishes.

    All the best,

  2. Wow Chico is looking great! So glad the healing process has begun and things are continuing to get better :)

  3. Hi! You're looking great Chico.
    and it sounds like you'll be back
    in action sooner than dustin pedroia.
    that may be an odd thing to say but
    you know I listen to sports radio all
    the time and 'out of the abundance of
    the heart the mouth speaketh' as it was
    said. well nothing much else to say really
    except how happy to see these good pictures
    and feel the love within this blog...

  4. Such a difference between day 4 and day 6. Wish we could hear some of the "odd jokes!" They must be good medicine.


  5. Hi - Chico looks so much better on Day 6 but what's up with the bib? Can't you get him some manly pajamas? So glad to hear that recovery is coming along.