Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Morning

So far it has been a terrific morning, in spite of Chester's departure and the further delay of surgery. 

Sunshine and goodwill.

Two doctors talked with Chico at once about the plan for his upcoming surgeries.    A schedule has been laid out.  Tomorrow the Plastic Surgery Team will close the wounds on Chico's leg, probably taking skin grafts from the thigh of his relatively uninjured leg. Closing the wounds greatly reduces the risk of infection.  The soft tissue of his leg will then need about a week to heal at which point the bones will be operated on, probably a week from Monday.  We like having a plan.

After the consultation, Christian and his daughter, Sophia, stopped by briefly bearing cards and gifts from home. It was a sweet, germ-free visit. 

Thank you for your ongoing interest.

FYI: Chico would like to add that you should know how good breakfast was.  He really liked the french toast.


  1. I hope you have a window that looks out. Today is a day we are glad we moved to the country. So beautiful -- the crickets are chirping here at midday. Is there any music you two would like sent to you since you don't have crickets?

    Glad to hear that Chico can eat french toast. That tongue sounds awfully painful. Thank you for putting such things in perspective for us.

    How do you access your slide show? On this blog?


  2. Susan -- It's good to hear your voice in your voice, so to speak. I admire your ability to find strength in this most trying circumstance. Chico is fortunate to have your support.

    All the best from Julie and me to all of you.


  3. Dearest Susan,

    I watched the slideshow and it brought tears to my eyes.... despite the little characters. You, Chico and Chester are such beautiful souls. I am just so thankful for the powers of life that kept Chico with us this time.