Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mistakenly Controlling

My apologies, I had decided in my sleepless delerium this morning that I should moderate the blog which means noone could see their posts until I 'published' them. 
Chico is well this afternoon.  He now has a vacuum dressing on his leg which will do three helpful things at least: keep the wound closed, remove the draining fluids and promote healing tissue.  It will also have to be changed less frequently which is helpful because the redressing process is painful. 

It's a pretty good day here.  The healing continues as does the shared exhaustion. 


  1. Ahhh Susan, I can't imagine the exhaustion you are feeling due to the immense physical and emotional strain you have been carrying. I'm so glad to hear the move to a room went well; that can be very difficult. My sister's contact informtion: Amanda Vickerson @ 518-951-4773 (C) & 518-374-0690. She and her husband and two boys (who are never home because of sports) would love to have you drop in on their 3rd floor anytime. If you want to stay close but be out of the hospital.
    My best & most powerful thoughts your way. Blythe

  2. Susan, you have an amazing amount of energy. A new job, Chico's recovery and now a blog! Actually, it's a great way to keep folks up to date on Chico's healing.
    It sounds like things are going well. I hope you get some rest.
    School is great. No worries there. As always, let me know if there's anything I can do to help.