Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning

Chico is groggy after a pretty good sleep.  His muscles twitch which is shocking and excruciating.  A muscle relaxant helps. He still twitches but seems to wake up less.  He is dozing this morning, and reading a bit.

Surgery to close the wounds is scheduled for this afternoon.  Chico has been fasting since last night.  I would imagine that when one is lying on his  back for the 10th day with most of one's body in pain and forcibly immobilized, food is a nice diversion...One that will pass Chico by today.  Oh well, it will be more French toast, Brown Cow cream top yogurt with maple syrup and Coffee before we know it.  I hope it will feel like that to him tomorrow after he sleeps for most of this day and night.
Today we remind ourselves to feel lucky.  We never have to remind ourselves to be grateful for your support.  We just are.


  1. Susan and Chico...
    Sending lots of love and strength for your surgery today. Susan, can't wait to see you at MCS! Take the time you need.
    Much Love,

  2. You are loved!! Missed you today at the big in-service shindig but you were definitely where you needed to be.

  3. Dearest Susan and Chico -
    Thinking of you both at this moment when Chico could be in his surgery. Praying for his doctors to perform their finest work on Chico! Molly said she and I would visit Chico on Thursday, and I am thrilled with that plan! Looking forward to seeing you also, Susan.
    Tons of love,

  4. Hope Chico's surgery is as uneventful as possible and that he's enjoying French toast and coffee in no time. We miss you Susan and look forward to when you are able to be with us.

  5. Chico and Susan, we hope the surgery went well. love, Joe & Jill

  6. S&C, My thoughts and love are with you. Your strength -- both of you -- is extraordinary. xox, Janie

  7. Hi Chico--I just read about your accident in the Independent and I'm thinking of you. I hope you're back in Vermont soon and in one piece.