Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moving updates to this Blog


It took me awhile to realize how ineffective my 'Hospital News' is in my gmail account. I think this will probably be a better way to keep people up to date with Chico's status.

For people coming upon this five days later: Chico was in a car accident last Friday night. He had - well there is speculation about what happened: Did he fall asleep? Was there a 'medical episode?' - at any rate he hit a tree head on and got pretty banged up. He is doing really well now-survival being assured, no head trauma, no spinal problems so far. He has many broken bones and will need further surgery as soon as the soft tissue on the leg heals.  A full recovery is expected.

Last night,one of the rescue workers from the med evac team visited Chico in ICU. That was incredibly heartening and terrifying-both-to hear them talk about such a life changing, shared event from their very different perspectives. Luke was very pleased with Chico's progress. Encouraging. We three were full of wonder.

He was moved out of the the Surgical ICU at Albany Medical Center (43 New Scotland St, Albany, NY) and into a very small, private room- C511. Once settled, he slept well during the night. 

Our son, Chester, is here.  He is a compassionate and analytical thinker. Nice combo, and very useful in this situation.  He is a great comfort to us.

Thanks for all the love and support from family and friends near and far.


  1. Looking forward to a continues flow of good news. Please let Chico know he has the prayers of both the "Transfiguration" and "New Skete Chapel" Communities.


  2. Thanks for the update! Sending positive, healing thoughts. Love, Sarah

  3. So great that the rescue workers have checked in. He must have really charmed them during the extraction. Was he cracking jokes?!
    Lots of love to all of you!!!

  4. Suzy,

    I am so sorry about the accident and so happy about the prognosis. Chico and I met up the other day when I was walking Lola and had a great chat. Please tell him I am sending lots of healing thoughts his way and yours. If I can be of any help do not hesitate to ask.


  5. Thank you for making this blog Susan.
    Hello Chico! prayers and love joined to
    yours. just in haste to see if I can post

  6. My original comment hasn't appeared. To post, you need to click on "Moving updates to this blog"

  7. Your information has been so helpful for those of us who cannot be with you right now - which is lucky, because that hospital would be crowded!
    It is heartwarming to hear of Chico's terrific progress, and of all the love and expertise that surrounds him. Keep up the good work, Chico! Sending lots of love! Nancy

  8. Thanks for doing this Susan. I am thinking about you. Take good care. Joy

  9. Thanks for setting up the blog Susan. Tho I feel like I am on a new back road just checking out where it goes...where am i?...I am now feeling closer to you all and continue to send love and kisses. Marty, Terry and Tai

  10. Susan, acceding to your request for comments, here goes. First, a giant sigh of relief! Miraculous that Chico came out of the accident with the expectation he'll fully recover from his injuries. His positive outlook is wonderful. He is also blessed with you and Chester in his corner.

    An acquaintance of mine had a severe pelvic fracture (what they call an "open book fracture") and other injuries from going head first over his motorcycle. He has recovered very well and I think part of the reason is that he got into an intensive comprehensive rehabilitation therapy program at a residential care facility. There are lots of convalescent facilities that offer in-patient physical therapy, but just a few of these regional rehab centers. I went on the website for the one in Santa Barbara and they are certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities in Comprehensive Integrated Rehabilitation and Stroke Specialty Programs. The staff at the hospital probably can recommend something similar for Chico.

    Best wishes to all as you embark on the road to recovery.

    (By the way, Ev is feeling very pleased about his recent decision to lease a Subaru.)

  11. Susan-
    I'm out here paying attention but hardly knowing what I could say that would be adequate to the situation.

    You and Chico are in my prayers.

    Keep posting.

  12. What a great idea making a blog! Thinking of you both, and always wishing for the best. Erin

  13. Sending healing energy Chico's way and keeping you both in my thoughts.


  14. I'm sending all the warm wishes and positive thoughts your way. Healing takes so much energy from both of you, so please know there is an abundance of support coming your way. Were you at school today?

  15. Thinking of you all from South Hero. Sending Chester positive vibes as he helps his dad heal. Hoping Chico is on the upswing soon. Susan, you are an amazingly organized human! Positive vibes floating your way.

  16. Oh Susan, I was sad to hear of Chico's accident. Please give him my love and tell him that is is in all our thoughts and that we are so thankful that he will be OK. Lots of love to you and Chester too, XXXOOO Carolyn

  17. Susan, I'm so heartened to hear about Chico's progress. What a scary time for all of you. And wonderful love and support from even unknown places. Love, Kathy

  18. Thankfully I signed my name so I am no longer Anonymous! Kathy