Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Morning

Chico is doing well.  The surgery scheduled for today has been post poned.  Today's orthopaedic surgeon described surgery this weekend as an 'aggressive' approach and not necessarily the one that would bring the best results.  It was the first time this doc has seen Chico.  He said he wanted some time to think about Chico's leg and situation. His quick and direct assessment of the situation was welcome.

We thought we wanted to just get on with it but hey, if waiting is a better idea, we're good with that-as they say. 

The emotional ebb and flow continues.  We begin to feel more isolated.  The shifting sands of who is most needy at what moment have arrived!  We actually do know who is most vulnerable here.  Although Chico's face looks normal from across the room, a glance at the toes or the 'external fixature' is all it takes to know that the healing is steady but incremental, and varied.  We're off the tree but we're not free and clear yet.

Last night Chester was visited  by some close friends  briefly on their way through Albany.   It was great for him to look forward to that through the day.  In the brilliant sunshine he walked downtown.  Albany becomes an interesting city the more time we spend here.  There is some beautiful architecture. 

Inside this bustling hospital there is a microcosm of our nation's residents.  Patients represent all ages, races and socio economic standings.  The professional and support staffs come from many, many countries including Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Rwanda and Mexico.  I can't exactly ask each person for a  bio, though I'd like to.  The place is rich in accents and perspectives that enhance our interest and experience in general.   There are also plenty of people who have lived in this area  or somewhere else in the United States for their entire lives.  We enjoy hearing their stories too.  The relational part of the hospital stay is critical. 

We are in the Orthopaedic ward.  It is quiet and yellow.  ["The bones are shuckelating," says Chico on the phone.  The phone is tiring for him.  He has used it three times and he definitely rises to the occassion but prefers not to at this point.]  So this ward is pretty quiet but the main drag (hallway) downstairs is never empty.  During the day it is bustling.  It is like a city sidewalk-not a Bristol sidewalk-a city sidewalk.  Even in the hours from midnight to 6 AM we usually encounter a few people down there. Security guards begin to recognize Chester and me.   I show them pictures.  They express wonder. 

Ok, people.  There's a little ramble from us.  Please send us a little ramble of your own.  I miss hearing from you.


  1. Susan and Chico,
    Glad to hear the recovery is progressing. We would love it be fast, but better to be successful. A beautiful day here in Huntington, sun and warmth and Wait wait don't tell me. I am thinking of you both and sending patience and persistence to you.

  2. Jill and I just heard of Chico's accident from Bruce Holsapple. From the photo of the car, it must have been a terrible wreck. Thank god for airbags! Great that your recovery is going so well, Chico. Good luck with the surgery whenever they do it. Strange coincidence: yesterday morning, before we had heard, we found a CD of you reading and listened all the way through, thoroughly enjoying hearing your voice. Joe

  3. Susan & Chico,
    So glad to hear of your progress. Bristol definitely isn't a busy city street, just a very dusty one. I think they are planning to start paving on Monday. It is going to be 88 here tomorrow and gorgeous all next week.
    Sending love & hugs.

  4. Thinking of you both all of the time. I'm glad to hear they're going to think through the surgery a little more. Wishing you were a little closer to home so we could help with local comforts and support. All the best, always. Bonnie

  5. What a blessing and a miracle life is. This is a good reminder to take nothing for granted and to stop everyday to feel gratitude for this gift we have been given. Chico may your recovery continue to be strong. Scottie thanks for taking the time to post to this blog so that all of us, far an wide, can feel connected. Let me know if there is ever anything I can do. Much love to you both. Mary Barnett

  6. Dear Chico,

    News of yr accident upset us--Matty and me--
    still at Bill's place after the Transfiguration
    retreat. Now, back in the City, I'm reading
    this Blog, and the reports encourage. God bless
    you in the treatments and rehabing to come!

    Fr. David

  7. Dear Chico and Susan
    well I am enjoying reading the blog for its
    vivid writing and feeling and color.
    but...the subject makes it not pure enjoyment
    and I mean that even apart that is from of course
    wishing you were well just now completely but
    also your speaking of a sense of isolation
    reminds me that today I felt sort of isolated
    for no special reason...just there were no
    friends to talk to and I felt sort of down
    (as I also typically do before travel I am
    going to reykjavik thursday and moscow the
    following monday for a week wish I were back
    and yet that is part of what I do etc)
    also reminds me, back to matter at hand, of
    smacking my blue toyota tercel into a tree and
    earning a compression fracture of back.
    this put a stop to my hopes for a career as
    a professional bowler which already of course
    were scant since I was not very good at it
    and had already also blown out a knee in a
    bowling alley accident in sendai.
    slso reminded of how lucky I was to be as
    little injured as that although like chico I did
    have some broken ribs.
    then there's the time just 4 years ago I nodded
    off at the wheel for no special reason and
    rolled down hill into a fence but they were
    able to repair my car and I was alright.
    this is not to speak of the time the car rolled
    down hill into a fence at our summer retreat
    by itself because I had neglected to put the
    brake on. however very little damage at all
    but took down a whole section of fence brave
    little car that it is.
    well cars are problematic and if in the future
    we travel by transporter or something possibly
    the risks can be even more but ...
    here we are.
    its all not only good but miraculous I guess
    if we can see and feel it full and I see the
    redsox have tied the rays and gone into
    extra innings so ...
    go sox
    and blessings and prayers yours

  8. Hi Chico, I am just home from Florida. Got news about the terrible accident. We are so grateful you are alive and going to recover. Scottie and Chico we are available to help with what ever needs. All our love to you. xxxxxxx Carol + Jimmy