Thursday, August 26, 2010

Listening to an incoming medevac 'copter

...and realizing that was Chico just about a week ago. 

Chico is doing brilliantly.  His attitude is still chipper, his hands are barely swollen and he's reading.  Ups, nope he is holding a book and sleeping.    It's a heavy book so I figure the holding it is good PT.  He wanted to read, so that's a huge step forward. 

There are many steps forward each day.  Chester and I find that our concerns about our own lives are returning, a sign that Chico is becoming more independent.  He is healing.  This is good.

This afternoon I went first to the car and then to the crash site looking for Chico's belongings.  The car is completely wrecked. The airbags had obviously deployed. It was an effort and a danger to do a thorough search, but with a lot of help and emotional support from Jim and Bill at Ringers Auto in Hudson Falls, NY, I was able to recover everything but the CD in the player, I think.  Jimmy was afraid it would be really difficult for me.  In fact, the opposite was true.  It  is such a miracle that Chico survived this crash.  I was gidddy and very curious.  The doors, fender and other parts, like the roof, were cut off the car and piled on top of what had become just a Subaru convertible.  They had to be removed for us to search the car.  

As  Jim and Bill lifted parts off the car they kept saying, "He sure had an angel looking out for him..."  and other such things.  Eventually they were able to ask me if he still had his leg.  It was a shock to Jim to learn that he does, and he is expected to make a full recovery.  Chico had lost a lot of blood in the car.  If the outcome were different, my guess is I would not have been crawling around a topless car filled with glass shards, water, blood and parts at all, let alone happily.  I'll post photos when I can but unfortunately I neglected to bring my cord for downloading.

The kindness of strangers can be as startling as breaking glass.

From Hudson Falls I went to the crash site.  Such a young and strong looking tree.  I found a number of parts  including the brake pedal which had been chopped off about two inches up the shaft.  I think those rescue workers tried everything to get him out-and eventually they did!  I admire them for their perseverence, compassion and skill.  I hope we get to meet some more of them!

Thank your for your interest and concern.  Chico is resting peacefully, facing the pain honestly and bravely.  He is so appreciative of your support and interest.  A symbol of this is on the wall opposite his bed.  It is a picture Connor, our great nephew, sent him.


  1. Chico looks great and you sound great Susan. I imagine seeing the car and the tree was an intense field trip. Stay strong and keep up the odd little jokes!

  2. Chico, You have been so much in my thoughts and prayers this week. Seeing that smile yesterday was a great joy. Hoping that your recovery keeps progressing as it has and that you are at home soon. Much love to you and your family. Lorraine Kisly