Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Again

How's this for a Friday night?  Close friends bring over a delicious dinner, share it with us at the table and then leave before Chico is too beat to endure any more?  Pretty good, huh?

Chico is doing great.   I believe when I came down this morning he was doing backward leg lifts while lying on his belly.  Crazy fun.  After Shower Number Three Since August 20th, he was resting on his bed in the morning sunlight when I noticed a stray staple in one of his skin grafts...ah yes.  He'd been predicting this.  A little, silver-looking tooth.  Hopefully Chico's skillful nurse will come this week and remove it painlessly as he did the last time Chico spied a staple. 

After a wicked snow and sleet storm last Monday, the weather warmed up nicely.  I played two hand touch football (I hate football) twice this week at school during recess.  It was a blast.  Pam came to get Chico out for a walk yesterday-lucky two.

We just got home from a long (hour and a half) walk around town.  Even though there are some small snow banks in our yard, it was pleasantly warm and the light was beautiful.  Chico is building up endurance.  He's been doing his exercises with weights ever since we got home. I hear puffing and the joy of accomplishment. 

Thanks for your ongoing interest and support.

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  1. What a gift this beautiful day was. I'm glad you untied the ribbons and enjoyed it!

    Celebrate all the little things each day!

    "This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.' Psalm 118:24


    Robin Vaughan