Sunday, November 21, 2010

[Select parts of] The Week in Review

We're having a cozy evening celebrating Chester's birthday.  I found the greatest recipe for chocolate cake this time in one of Andrea Chessman's cookbooks.  The dessert followed a delicious Chinese dinner courtesy of Anna Sun.  All of this followed a day long headache, a casualty of Chico breaking his glasses by rolling over on them during his self guided PT.  Sadly, I think I threw out his spare pair in an effort to rid our house of useless accident memorabilia-Chico was wearing his shades on the sunny afternoon of the accident. Turns out that case wasn't so useless; it held the spare pair of glasses.  Oh well.  The broken glasses were nothing a little trip to Burlington didn't take care of.  Meanwhile, Chester put in some solid time in the yard raking leaves and bedding down gardens.  It looks great.   It's really nice to be home together.

Yesterday I graduated. from the Vermont School Leadership Project in the company of my 21 courageous colleagues. We've been working together for eighteen months and hope to continue our collaboration for years!  After some great sessions Friday and Saturday, we were honored by Mark Snelling and Tim Donovan, who both gave provocative speeches at the commencement.  I think it is the first of my own graduations that I have attended since high school. It was well worth the trip to Lake Morey, even under these circumstances. 

-Meanwhile, Chico spent his first night at home alone since the accident.  He's not really up to several hours in a car, followed by several hours in his wheelchair in public, and several more hours in a car-especially over two snowy gaps.  This is what his attendance would have required.  He did so well at home!  Chester arrived around lunch time Saturday and they were busy making a congratulatory meal fit for a lama (my favorite meal) when I got home. 

Further back in the week, (sorry for the delayed posting, Tom) Chico returned to the Bristol Planning Commission.  There he recieved a warm welcome in the newly renovated Town Offices.  They are gorgeous and VERY handicapped accessible.  It was a pretty interesting meeting with a guest presentation about some changes happening in downtown Bristol.  Chico's endurance was definately tested.  It was obviously difficult for him to stay for the whole meeting which ended at 9:30 PM, as usual. 

We continue to give thanks for your ongoing encouragement and interest.  We send you Thanksgiving greetings.  We hope you'll have time to enjoy whatever you like and include at least a little time for reflection.

Maybe we'll have some interesting capers to blog about this week. Chico hopes to visit Lake Champlain.  We'll see.

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