Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moving Forward

If you aren't in this weather, you must've heard about it.  It's dramatic and amazing. 
I flew back from a visit to Chester early on Sunday so that I would not get stuck in DC.  Apparently ours was the last flight allowed to land in Burlington.  Flying standby, got to fly home with my friends, Bonnie, her husband and sons.  (Remember Bonnie?  She picked us up in Albany and brought us home that first time.)  That was an coincidental treat of high appeal. It was a bumpy flight though. 

It turns out our nieces are cupcake conniseurs so we had a little tasting party.

Meanwhile back home a storm was brewing.  It seems Chico relished the time home alone to, well, be alone and independent.  Friends stopped by (thanks for the shoveling and granola, Kit) (Thanks for shoveling 48) and he reports having read and slept a lot. 

On Monday we had our first of two snow days this week. We got about two feet of snow on the ramp.  The drain work of last summer on our street may be great but it got plugged.   By  4:00 the snow had stopped but the street was flooded.  The outflow?  Our driveway.  I was napping.

Chico woke me up to marvel at the street river from upstairs windows.  Then we went out to shovel. 

Chico shoveled!  At first I insisted just the porch but he insisted the walkway too. These days his insistance usually overrides mine.

The man on the four wheeler plow just stopped by to help out.  I think he is my new best friend. 

Tuesday night he made dinner.  Tonight too.  Suddenly he feels more capable. Yesterday he called me at work from the store.  This is all new territory again. Also kind of back to normal.  Odd and contradictory like much of human existence.

New baby today.  Welcome Asher Akintoye Ajayi, who is Vanessa and Funto's son, Margaret and Mike's grandson.  Eva's nephew!  All are well and excited.  We're excited too.  The repeating initials are just a bonus.

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