Saturday, March 12, 2011


We awake to the warmed Earth scents of water, mud and melting snow.  Moist air buffers the face.  High winds shake the trees.  Our windows thump like a sneaker laden dryer.  Water is running everywhere.  Lots of Earth sounds.  The shape, size and texture, even the color of snow is steadily changing. 

At the end of that day there was a rainbow more vivid than we'd ever seen.  Double.  It started on Basin Street and ended below The Ledges near our house.  We were in a parking lot down town.  Intrepid, One Crutch Chico made his way through the minimalist path from the back of one grocery store to another.

There are flurries in the air again this morning. 

Nature's drama.  Scintilating.

Our hearts go out to those in Japan who are suffering tremendously due to the devastating, mind spinning force of their latest Tsunami.

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