Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I went to a conference today about coteaching with a special educator from my new school.  It was exciting to think about this together, recognizing what is already in place and thinking about how to increase our inclusion practices.  Incrementally our work together takes shape.

Last night I dropped Chico off at a Planning Commission meeting.  We parked in the handicapped spot and he walked in without any crutches.  We went in the side entrance, Chico shooing me off with each step.  I've become a helicoptor partner.  I escorted him through the doors but remained out of sight. I heard the whoops and congratulations but he received them on his own.

From there I went to Shaws.  I ran into Todd.  That was a treat.  I'd not seen him to talk to since New Year's Eve.  As I got back in the car, thinking about not having mentioned to Todd Chico's big step forward, I remembered New Year's Eve.  It was Chico's second social outing since August 20th.  It was scary to go out then, each move poignant.  Getting in and out of the back seat painstaking, slow and painful.  These reflections are stirring. 

More action for Chico today.  He is jubilant.  Actually he's fried.  When I got home he was gleefully taking a bath.  He had had PT this afternoon.  He walked all the way down town and back with no crutches.  As he reported this to me he was giddy and then he was asleep.  He's up now, somewhat recovered and sore. 

He has plans to begin biking as soon as he gets a suitable bike.  I am nervous.

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