Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chico's Birthday Self Gift

We're just back from the goal surpassing event.  Chico walked four laps around the track (one mile) unassisted (wouldn't even hold my hand) and then jogged one lap.  We biked to and fro.  Sorry I forgot to bring the camera but here are a few shots of him when we returned home.  One of our great neighbors, Annie, came by to chat.  I'll have to get her photo later.

Happy Birthday, Chico!  You made it.


  1. You go, Chico! - great photos, wish I'd insisted on taking one of both of you. Also...I love our yearly ritual of watching the fireworks, slapping mosquitoes, and occasionally, comfortably, chatting on our porch on the evening of July 3rd. Love, Annie

  2. This is all so wonderful! Congrats Chico! Sharon

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday To the RUNNER!!!