Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Under the Wire

I want to post before July 1st, otherwise a whole month will have passed without an entry. 

As we come into the summer season, the season during which Chico's injuries and recovery began, I feel wonder: holy smokes we're almost back at August 20th.  He's come a long way; he has a way still to go.  The world feels different still to both of us.  We notice this.

We went through a period of  recognizing little progress.  It's not that there isn't any but it is more subtle than it once was:  Chico mows the lawn, he helped me build a raised bed for some plants Mark gave us, he crosses his legs and taps his toes, he walks with a cane only, he is hoping to walk not just one (a previously set goal you may remember) but four laps around the track on Friday, July 1st.  He goes to the gym. Sometimes we ride the bikes but that is pretty uncomfortable for him.  His legs often seem equally engaged although he has a strong limp now.  His body is somewhat twisted. At best this cracks him up.   He lives with pain and fear of pain.

Chico remains incredibly resilient, willing to work at this and eager for more improvement.

Chester is out of touch.  Yup.  He moved out of Washington, spent some time here in Vermont and is now on Day Eighteen of  a 72 day NOLS expedition in the Yukon.  Sometimes we get pictures from the food drop pilot.  I think it is a courageous move he's made to live in the wilderness.  He talked about it for a long time. 

Hope we see some of you at our house for the parade on July Fourth.  

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