Sunday, December 5, 2010


Chico was itching to get to the pool at Vermont Sun in Middlebury on Saturday.  I was reluctant and cranky.  There is a lot to do these days.  Chico was determined. 

We arrived, circled around, tried to find a ramp in.  The ramp was in back at the rehab entry.  Chico insisted on using the front for a variety of reasons.  We had forgotten the crutches.  We had the walker and the wheelchair.  He walkered right over the pavement and up to the steps, held on to the banister on one side with both hands and hopped up.  Unstoppable. 

I helped him change in the Family Changing Room (bars all around) and we went to the pool.  Before I could get all my gear and chair set up to watch, he was in that lap pool and coming toward me.  When he actually got to me he was singing, "Just Walk on By" ( as sung by Dionne Warwick and written by Burt Bacharach).  It was a tearful moment before he gave a whoop and began swimming.  Next time he came by he was swimming and chanting.  Whatawonder.

Chico was in the pool for about a half hour swimming, walking and vocalizing. Again, just as I put my camera away and began to write, he was out of the pool and headed for the sauna.  Doesn't titanium conduct heat?  I dunno but I got him out of there before we could really find out.  Being with Chico these days is kind of like having a toddler.  Just when 'you' are focusing on something else, the toddler slips away.  Or just when fatigue is about to crash everyone under like a wave, a huge growth spurt occurs and everyone is renewed.  And if 'you' weren't there, 'you'da' missed it.  I don't want to miss it. 

From the fitness center we went to the Coop.  Chico cruised around with his walker.  First time walkering in public.  He did well.  He actually shopped for food which is an indicator of how comfortable he was.  He was unphased by his attire:  pajamas and unfastened sandals over socks.

Today is a little tricky-some soreness after a poor night's sleep.  He's had some great contact with community though both at church and at home. 

Life is good.

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  1. This is all just wonderful!!!! Really Wonderful!! Way to go Chico!

    Susan, just saw you on twitter. Follow mw @kkidsinvt