Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Progress takes Focus and Determination

And Chico seems to have a good supply of both.

Now that I'm over the wonder of walking in water at the pool, I can see that it is very painful, hard work.  I just sit and enjoy the warmth as Chico walks or swims back and forth.  Judging by the facial expressions, the swimming is painful too.  Still, he just goes back and forth, back and forth-mostly walking.  It's impressive.  Today there were serious swimmers, other rehabbers and children! in the pool too.

Chico walked a third of a mile in the water.  Our big hope is that he'll be able to walk one lap around the track (1/4 mile) in July, unassisted.  That certainly puts new perspective on 'weight bearing in January,' doesn't it?

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