Monday, May 9, 2011


Chico remains in great spirits. He walks inside with one crutch, outside with two.  He  often has pain; he rarely complains. 

On Saturday, inspired by my book Group, I biked to Monkton to do a little work in the office.  Upon my return home, I found Chico on the porch raring to go for a bike ride.  He's only been out on the bike once this spring and he had a fall.  He's been reluctant to bike again.  Though rubber leg-ged, how could I refuse the impish and ambitious prospect of another lap or two?  Chico has biked in the gym but it usually makes for a very sore evening.  We went out.  I had difficulty taking photos and keeping up!  (Simultaneously.)

You'll see what I mean especially in the second video. This is just about 100 yards up the street - or maybe 50 yards - from our house.  Chico knows that to keep the bike upright, one must keep moving!  I know to protect my phone and camera, inspite of the risks of riding and shooting footage! Video number two is entitled, A Burst of Speed.  Fear not, it is short. 

Then we went out Plank Road, up Lower Hardscrabble and home.  Chico lost his chain once-not cool. Luckily he was going very slowly at the time and has no toeclips.  It was also fortunate that my bike was out of adjustment most of last summer and I was coached on how to get the chain back on the bike when it slipped off.

Sorry I couldn't get better photos.  It was really fun riding together and Chico seems fine.  Hopefully we'll go again soon.  Even though we do look kind of dorky.

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  1. Hey, we were in Bristol this weekend having breakfast at Snaps. Thought of stopping in to say, "hey," but then wasn't sure if stopping in unannounced was your style.
    We'll call next time we blow over your way.