Sunday, February 13, 2011


The winter has been completely beautiful.  Chico's steady, incremental progress marks the days and weeks.  This has kept us from feeling pent up and overwhelmend by winter's duration. Yes, the need to shovel is sometimes inconvenient but the beauty of the snow is always magnificent. 

Last weekend was characterized by rushing, repeated shoveling, fatigue and discrepant views about what is safe for Chico to do independently.  I did get to hike up the mountain and Chico used the pool and went to church.  Oh yes, and we got some time with Pam and Reinhold-that was a highlight.

This weekend is peaceful.  Chico's progress is so undeniable that his spirit shines brilliantly again-no lull there.  He was dancing on Friday night.  That wasn't so surprising to me, I've seen it before.  But the friends and neighbors at Dan's Place hadn't.  Saturday morning I saw him doing chair sits for the quads-YOUCH under the healthiest of circumstances.  After lunch we walked down to the post office.  As soon as we were out the door and down the steps (notice: he didn't use the ramp) he asked me if I could hold one of his crutches!  He walked the whole length of Spring Street on one crutch.  Actually I think it was all the way to the fire station or Almost Home. Later, on Main Street, he asked me to hold them both.  He walked independently.  What hurts the most in these cases is his foot.   More of these variations on the way home.  I'm sorry I forgot my camera; I would have liked you all to see this.

As we walk around our town, acquaintances and friends cheer him on, inquire about his progress, smile and generally make our life better.  One guy saw him walking with one crutch and a huge smile.  He said, "Wow, you look so much better than the last time!  I mean you still had that smile but you were in a wheel chair!"  We remember.  It was touching that he does too.  Thank you all.

We got home safely.  Chico urged me to go for a hike as he went up the stairs alternating legs. He napped.  I grabbed my phone and headed out in a sudden snow squall.  Lots of folk on the trail today.  Clearer at the top.  Four white tailed deer on the way down.  Renewing.

Back in town I got to walk around the block with Kit and Yoko. Icing on the cake. 

Today's a work day.  Pool too.

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